Unfolding Enough: Never Misunderstood


Read 1Samuel 16:6-13

What was God’s response to all of the sons set before Samuel?

When Samuel asked about other sons, what was the father’s response?

Jesse had eight sons, but only seven were presented to Samuel. In the Israelite culture birth order dictated inheritance and position in the family. The oldest held the place of honor and inherited most of what the father passed to the next generation. David was farthest down the line. He wasn’t even considered important enough to call to the celebration. While his brothers were presented to the prophet, he was tending sheep. This was the lowest position to hold in the family, a stinky, dirty job with little reward.

Throughout Scripture we see God choose the most unlikely. Like Joseph, Esther, and Gideon, David was God’s choice not based on family status or worldly stature, but on his heart.

Do you consider yourself worthy of God’s anointing? Why?

Read 1Samuel 17:20-37

What insight do David’s words give us about his faith? His relationship to God?

David’s lowly position in the family meant he was assigned to tending sheep. It was a lonely, solitary job. He faced the hardship of living in the wilderness. He protected the flock from wild beasts and predators. He could have chosen a different attitude about the place God positioned him. Yet he was faithful with shepherding the flock which prepared him to eventually shepherd his people.

What position were you faithful in that prepared you for the place you are in now?

How did it grow your relationship with God and help you build community with others?

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