Unfolding Enough: Right Relationship


Entering God’s presence with the confidence He will never misunderstand our hearts allows us to fully connect with God in the here and now. We have moved into the Kingdom we heard so much about where Christ’s work in and through us is what matters most. Still as the old saying goes: “Old habits die hard.”

The unfolding of enough in us gradually replaces the old habit of sin management with a new way of repentance and transformation. In the old land one often looks at their days as a checklist, evaluating their walk with God as a system of “do”s and “don’t”s. Following Jesus is all about following the rules, which always leaves us feeling not enough.

In the Kingdom following Jesus is about love. Loving God and loving others. Yes, we are sure to fall short, but our sins do not determine our enough. One of the spiritual practices that helps us gain new perspective on repentance is Examen.

Examen is an ancient practice that helps us perceive the focus of our daily lives. Is it God or something else? Below you will find an adapted version of Examen to practice each day this week.


Imagine stepping into God’s presence, much like Esther stood before the king. Watch as God extends His scepter to you and offers you abundant grace and love through Jesus.

Pour out the emotions bubbling in you at this moment. Tell God how you are feeling about your day. Be joyful, be offended, be you: Naked and authentic before Him. Remember, God will never misunderstand you.

Move into a quiet time of reflection. Consider the activity of your day and seek God’s guidance as you ask two questions:

When did I feel closest to God today?

When did I feel distant from God?

Listen as you reflect on the questions. What is God calling you to do in these moments with Him?

Repent as God pricks your heart.

Recall the priorities God has given you.

Remember the promises of God.

Close your time together with thanksgiving.

Consider journaling each day’s experience in Examen.

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