Unfolding Enough: Right Relationship


Most of us are familiar with the story of Samson and Delilah, but his story doesn’t begin there. Samson’s story begins in conversation between God and his parents.

Read Judges 13:1-8

Who did the angel visit first?

What instructions did the angel give?

What did Manoah request from God?

Read Judges 13:11-12

What seems to be Samson’s father’s greatest concern?

We’re no different than Samson’s father Manoah. Manoah wanted the details. How does one raise this kind of son to be what God wants him to be? What are the steps? Is there a checklist to guarantee success?

Our first response to living in the new Kingdom is often like Manoah’s. We hear God’s message and joyfully receive His call. We embrace the Good News of grace and quickly determine to live in a way where we won’t have to ask for grace again.

Consider how you approach the sin in your life. Do you often try to willpower your way to perfection? How has this approach worked for you? Did all your trying bring a sense of enough or leave you feeling like you’ll never get it right?

Read Judges 13:13-24

Did the angel give Manoah what he was asking for?

Who did the rules apply to?

How do you imagine Manoah and his wife felt without an instruction manual to raise the coming child?

How does it make you feel to imagine each day as an opportunity to converse with God, to listen and respond instead of following a list of rules?

Remember to practice Examen today.

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