Unfolding Enough: Right Relationship


The Angel of the Lord may not have revealed to Samson’s parents the details on how to raise him, but he did say Samson would be a Nazarite. From the moment of his conception, God consecrated or set apart Samson for His work. Samson did not choose the vow, God chose him to serve for his entire life.

In Numbers 6 we find the law concerning the Nazarite vow. Most who took the Nazarite vow voluntarily chose to make this special commitment for a set period of time as a way to express their devotion to God on a deeper level. In addition to following the Mosaic law, they were strictly forbidden from drinking fermented drinks or eating anything from the grapevine. They were not to cut their hair, and they were to stay away from dead bodies.

Read Judges 14:1-20

Relying on what you know of the Old Testament Mosaic law and the Nazarite vow, which laws do you notice Samson breaking?

Which laws do you see him keeping?

Samson wanted to marry a Philistine girl, yet his parents did not approve. She was not an Israelite but a foreigner. When He gave them the Promised Land, God warned His children about marrying those who did not follow Him (Deuteronomy 7:1-4).

Read Judges 14:4

What were Samson’s parents unaware of?

Where was God in the midst of Samson’s failure to obey?

Does God’s use of Samson’s disobedience surprise you? Explain.

Has God ever used your disobedience for good in some way? How?

Take time to practice Examen today.

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