Unfolding Enough: I Am His

Day 1


The Psalmist writes, “Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.” The Bible is more than a book to read and put on the shelf when you are done. Unlike any other book in the world, it is meant to be read again and again. Each time we read it, Holy Spirit reveals new things and gives us fresh insight. In addition to reading God’s Word many Believers practice the spiritual discipline of Scripture memorization.

Read John 14:25-26

What will the Holy Spirit do for us?

Memorizing Scripture is one way to plant God’s Word deep in our hearts. Holy Spirit reminds us of His word when we’re going about our daily lives, struggling with an issue, or in the midst of a crisis. If you’ve read it or memorized it, He is faithful to help you recall it just when you need it.

This week spend time memorizing Job 19:25.

Choose one of the following ways to memorize Scripture or create your own.

  • Write the verse on an index card and place it in a spot you see often.
  • Write the verse over and over.
  • Find and learn a song that includes the verse.
  • Use the phone app Bible Memory App
  • Draw or sketch a picture to depict the verse.

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