Unfolding Enough: I Am His

Day 2


This week we will explore Ruth’s story. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Read Ruth 1:1-5

In the culture Naomi lived in women had very few choices. They followed and came under the authority of the primary male in their family. For girls this meant the authority of their father, for wives it meant their husbands, and for widows their eldest son. Naomi’s husband chose to escape the famine by moving to a foreign land. She had no choice but to pack her things and follow.

What do you imagine Naomi’s life was like living among foreigners?

Who was taking care of Naomi once her husband died?

Read Ruth 1:6-22

Once Naomi and her daughter-in-laws were left alone, she made the decision to return to her homeland. Yet she was not the same woman who had left.

What did Naomi call herself when she returned to Bethlehem? Why?

Who did she attribute her misfortune to?

Names are significant and carry important meaning. The Hebrew name Naomi means pleasantness. She left her home a decade before pleasantly full and returned bitterly empty.

Our names are no accident, not happen stance or a parent’s good idea. Sometimes our earthly names reflect who we are in God. Look up the meaning of your name by searching the internet or in a baby name book. Write the meaning in your journal or on a note card.

Does the meaning reflect who you are in God?

Spend time in prayer this week talking to God about your name and what it means. Consider asking Him what His name for you is.

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