Unfolding Enough: I Am His

Day 4


Read Ruth 3:1-9

What did Ruth do once Boaz went to sleep for the night?

Ruth was doing more than laying at the feet of Boaz. She was risking it all, even her reputation. The words she used, “Spread the corner of your garment over me” was much like a marriage proposal. She was asking Boaz to marry her, redeem her, and take responsibility for her.

The same words are found in Ezekiel’s description of God’s relationship with Israel.

Read Ezekiel 16:8

How does this relate to the relationship we now have with God through Jesus, our kinsman redeemer?

Read Ruth 3:10-18

What issue stood in the way of Boaz marrying Ruth?

How did he respond?

Naomi instructed Ruth to wait and allow Boaz to handle the matter. How are you at waiting for God to handle things in your life?

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