Unfolding Enough: Ravished


Song of Solomon gives us an intimate understanding of God’s love. Though it is believed to be written by Solomon about his love for a woman, it also reveals the intimate relationship between God and us.

In reading it you may find its language almost too vivid to accept. You may shy away from the intimacy portrayed. But try not to… for this is more than a love letter between a man and woman. It is a love letter between you and God.

Read Song of Solomon 1:5-6

What does the woman focus on in these verses?

What has caused her to feel unworthy of the man’s love?

Read Song of Solomon 1:12-14 and 2:3-6

How does the woman describe her lover?

What senses do you notice in the verses?

When you consider your love for God in this way, what do you think, sense, or feel? Spend some time talking to God about this kind of love.

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