The Word

Happy Lent! Can we really call this forty-day season happy?  Is there any joy to be found in self-denial, repentance, death on a cross? Yesterday I was reminded this is not a death season. This is a season of resurrection. Yes, we will pass through Good Friday, but it is not the end.

Resurrection is the reason I observe Lent. A time to reflect and renew my relationship with Jesus. A time to allow God to resurrect what I feel or think might be six feet under in me.

During these forty days I will share my meditations on twenty-five names of Jesus on my blog unfoldingenough. You are invited to join me as we post a link to each meditation.

We begin with the strangest name of all.

Jesus, The Word. (Click on this link to read the post.)

May you be blessed with resurrection during this season!



**Photo by Bobbie Wallace on Unsplash

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