The Vine

Though the world seems to be slowing, and normal life feels uncertain, Lent continues day by day. Join me on the blog today, where I share a Sunday school conversation that continues to come to my mind. A beautiful picture of Jesus’ name, The Vine. (Click on the link to go to

I wonder if you are like me. Feeling overwhelmed by the images flooding my screens. It might do us a well to practice Visio Divina this day. It simply means divine seeing. Asking God to use an image to inspire you in some way. You’ll find a beautiful image on the blog post. Below is the guide to the practice of Visio Divina.


Visio Divina

Find an image, an icon, maybe some artwork or photograph that speaks to you in some way. Today’s image for Jesus, The Vine, can be found on the blog.

Go to your quiet place… breathe in, breathe out… invite God to enter this time of prayer with you.

Gaze… look intently at the image… what draws your focus?

Consider your thoughts (mind)…

your feelings (emotions)…

your doing (will).

Listen… what is God revealing to you? What word, or image comes to mind? Is there a scripture rising in your thoughts?

Pray... converse openly with God about what you see and hear.

Rest... spend a few moments resting in the presence of God.

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