Alpha and Omega


I truly wonder how you’re doing during this time of trouble in our world. Are you caught up in the thought this might never end?  Join me on the blog today as I reflect on Jesus’ name, Alpha and Omega. (Click on the link to go to

As we enter thirty days of continued social distancing due to corona-virus, we might be feeling all alone. Even in a house full of family members, loneliness can be a real battle. We want you to know you are not alone.

This is the longest stretch of time Carol and I have gone without spending time working or writing together. Our lives have drastically changed. No seeking each other out to solve an embroidery problem or ask for an opinion on color. No face to face sharing of ideas or inspirations or blessings. No hard conversations or prayers in the back of the shop. Our life’s rhythm has changed drastically, and we are learning to continue to connect in different ways.

Carol says:

The last two weeks have been spent out of sorts. Taking off a week to reorder plans turned upside-down by a global pandemic and then self-quarantining to make sure changed plans didn’t expose me to the corona-virus. Thinking I was just about at the end of my 14 days another potential exposure has me — again! — hiding out at home waiting to see what, if anything, has been contracted.

Loneliness has definitely crept into my soul. Spiritual loneliness. Even though I’m married, have a daughter nearby spending most evenings at our house as she remodels hers, and a son living in the area who visits weekly, I’m the only one in my home actively following Jesus at this time.

Being the spiritual leader in a house where no one particularly wants to be led spiritually can be wearisome. The shop and Stacy have, for the last five or more years, been a sanctuary of sorts. A refuge of light and community in what sometimes feels like a hostile world. Even in the walls of my home around people who love me and whom I love. Don’t get me wrong, my family is great, from a secular perspective. But there is a void and at best a tolerance of my sharing the things most important… my faith in Jesus.

This last week sent me seeking refuge in my bathtub many evenings. The theme of my most recent soak: lament. A book — Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy — spoke to my heart and guided me in crying out to God about pandemics and wandering souls whom I love and life out of sorts.

It was the next morning Stacy texted with a prayer discipline for the day. She invited me to pray along with her, sharing requests via texts and images, to lift up together in prayer during the day.

Throughout Tuesday we shared numerous requests and “Amens!” As the day progressed my loneliness lifted and the darkness didn’t feel so pressing as it had before.

Even when we are called to be physically apart the power of the Holy Spirit can bring holy community near.

“For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them.”

Matthew 18:19

His words are true even in the digital realm.

Oh friends, God, the beginning and the end, is not bound by walls or miles or even airwaves. If you’re feeling lonely we encourage you to reach out. Ask a friend to join you in a day of prayer. Share your struggles, challenges, and joy.



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