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We gathered with sisters at the shop Wednesday to begin The Heart of His Word: A Devotional Journey through Psalm 119. This devotional book is about discovering the heart of God’s Word as glorified in the longest psalm of the Bible, Psalm 119.

For those who want to walk with us The Heart of His Word is available for purchase on Amazon and at the shop.

Let the journey begin!

Heart Questions

Our gatherings for this study will begin with a time for each one present to share, uninterrupted, how the devotionals worked in their lives and hearts based on a series of questions.

We hope you’ll find one or two to gather with for this study. But if not, be sure to take time to answer the questions for yourself.

Consider these Heart questions as you read the devotionals.

  • What spoke to your heart most this week?
  • What questions arose?
  • What emotions surfaced?
  • What challenged you?

These questions help us to build community when we share our answers, but they also help us discover where we are in relation to God and His Word. Once we know where we are we can begin seeking His guidance on how to move forward in our spiritual journeys.

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What is His Word?

Most of us know something about His Word, aka, Scripture, the Bible. But let’s consider a few specific ways God describes His Word.

  • It is the bread of life. It’s also spiritual milk and meat, Hebrews 5:11-14.
    • Nourishment for our spirits, Matthew 4:4.
    • Jesus came as the Word made flesh (John 1:14), and He said He is the Bread of Life — Manna we need daily to fuel our spiritual lives (John 6:32-35).
    • How does God’s Word nourish you daily?
  • The light that shows the way. Psalm 119:105, 2Peter 1:19-20
    • Guidance for life.
    • Source of knowledge.
    • Insight and revelation: understanding.
    • Is there a time you looked to God’s Word for guidance and found exactly what you needed? An Aha-moment of revelation that deepened your understanding of God?
  • The truth to build our lives on. It forms a solid foundation for life in a shaky world. Psalm 119:160
    • It’s always trustworthy.
    • Because it is true it endures forever. Truth never changes.
    • What is your first thought when we say truth never changes? Has your understanding of truth and God’s Word ever bumped up against each other? 
  • The only weapon we have against the evil one. It is the truth that defeats his lies. Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12
    • The sword of the Spirit.
    • A double edged sword, it also cuts the lies of the flesh (self-deception), convicting us of sin.
    • Jesus is described as wielding a double-edged sword in His mouth (Revelation 1:16, 2:12).
    • Do you believe there is a daily unseen battle going on around us? How have you prepared to use the weapon of God’s Word?
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How should we handle God’s Word?

Our approach to God’s Word determines how much power it has in our lives. Faith is an integral part of hearing from God through Scripture.

The Journey

Six readings a week set the rhythm for our journey through The Heart of His Word and Psalm 119.

Before you begin take time to review the Guidelines for the Journey found in The Heart of His Word.

In addition to contemplating the journal questions in the devotional and the Heart Questions, note where you see different aspects of His Word in Psalm 119.

  • Bread. What nourishes you.
  • Light. What guides you.
  • Truth. What can you trust to never change.
  • Weapon. What can you pick up to fight your current spiritual battle.
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In preparation for Session 2 read:

  • Introduction
  • Day 1: Aleph
  • Day 2: Bet
  • Day 3: Gimel 
  • Day 4: Dalet
  • Day 5: He

Carol says:

The titles for each day’s devotionals may not make sense to you, so let me explain.

Psalm 119 is an written as an alphabetic acrostic. Each line of every eight-line stanza begins with a designated letter of the Hebrew language in alphabetical order. The titles for the devotional are a transliteration of the Hebrew letter used for the designated passage.

So yes, they may seem foreign to you.

When we gather next week, be prepared to answer the Heart Questions and share the aspects of His Word you saw in the week’s reading.

Father God, open our hearts to all You have for us in Your Word.

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