The Beginning: Carol & Stacy

Carol says:

For me Sister Talk: Resuscitate Your Faith, began with some holy discontent. It was at a time when my faith was maturing and I was stirred up by a politician’s comments on faith. The grounding for this stirring was founded in James 2:17 and the truth about faith being dead without action.

As my heart stirred, words came. I recorded them and decided they would make a great t-shirt for our church youth group. The youth certainly needed a good grounding in what it meant to live by faith and practice it. Plus the oldest of my three children was in the youth group at the time.

I’ll never forget sitting in the Youth Director’s office sharing my idea with her. She thought for a minute… then said, “I think this is a Bible study…”

I was stunned. What was she talking about?! A Bible study?! I don’t know enough to write a study!

Then she made an offer, “Why don’t we meet together weekly and work on it.”

Well, that was the beginning. For me it included the resuscitation of a long dead dream. As a child, one of the things I longed to be when I grew up (after a ballerina, of course) was a writer. I remember welling over with emotion at the thought of God bringing me to this place in my faith and reigniting a passion to write. Not just write, but write for Him and about Him.

The other thing ignited with two sisters in Christ talking about faith was a deep holy friendship between myself and the Youth Director. She’s Stacy, the co-author of Sister Talk: Resuscitate Your Faith and by another act of God’s crazy blessings, my business partner.

Stacy says:

“I have an idea for a t-shirt,” she says. We met to discuss her idea and as I listened I thought, “This is so much more than a t-shirt.” It was one of those moments when you see potential in something. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good t-shirt, but there was so much more behind those ten words she jotted down on paper. So. Much. More.

I didn’t get it then… what more might be. Only God could take a t-shirt/Bible study and weave two lives together like this. Carol called it crazy blessing and that is exactly what it is… crazy… fantastic… abundantly incredible. We’ve been writing for years now, she and I. We edit each other’s stuff, discuss God’s Word and how He’s teaching us, it just seems natural to join forces… to share with others what God has so lavishly poured into our lives.

Let’s sit right down and have a chat and allow God to revive, refresh, and renew our faith through these posts and pages.

Still growing in faith: Stacy and Carol

The t-shirt that never was… but could’ve been…