God’s Grace

Oh, the typos we make! Carol says: As I'm walking through the homework this week I found an error. Page 7. Matthew 24:13-24 is supposed to be Luke 24:13-24.Sorry.Here's the edited edition of the homework: You-Were-Created-to-Gift-It-Homework-4-1Download Grace and peace to you.

You Were Created to Gift It!

Introduction Welcome to our Spring Gather, we're so glad you are here with us. If you're gathering with your own group, we've provided a link to the Gather Guidelines we use within our faith community. We share them with the hope of helping you create close fellowship. https://sistertalkfaith.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Gather-Guidelines-2.pdf If you're ready, let's dive in to … Continue reading You Were Created to Gift It!