The Glory of the Lord

Oh friends, are you struggling? Wrestling with this uncertainty we face? I get it. Read more about my wrestling on the blog and the hope God revealed in Jesus' name, The Glory of the Lord. (Click on the link to go to Please know we are holding you close in our hearts. Stacy

The Vine

Though the world seems to be slowing, and normal life feels uncertain, Lent continues day by day. Join me on the blog today, where I share a Sunday school conversation that continues to come to my mind. A beautiful picture of Jesus' name, The Vine. (Click on the link to go to I wonder … Continue reading The Vine


Join me on the blog for more on Cornerstone, today's name for Jesus. You'll find the link to one of my favorite songs. The lyrics say it all! And remember the little word from yesterday? Behold... It seems this word still has something to say to us. May you stand on Christ's solid foundation this … Continue reading Cornerstone


If you've studied with us then you probably know Carol and I both have found the dictionary is a wonderful tool to use when studying God's Word. Just yesterday as we practiced the Divine Hours (my Lenten discipline this year) and I wondered out loud about the use of a word, Carol turned to the … Continue reading Redeemer