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We’ve challenged those with us on The Journey to read through the Bible with two questions in mind. The two questions Paul asked Jesus when he encountered Him on the road to Damascus:

Who are You, Lord?

What shall I do, Lord?

We two sisters are asking the same questions and seeking insights from His Word.

Week 48: Matthew 7:1-12:32

Carol says:

And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at his teaching, for he was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes.

Matthew 7:28-29 ESV

Jesus finished His sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7) and the people who heard were astonished, because He taught with authority.

The scribes could only teach what they had been taught. Matthew Henry in his commentary says:  “…the word did not come from them with any life or force; they delivered it as a school-boy says his lesson…” (Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible).

Jesus on the other hand is God incarnate, the Word made flesh. He came to make the heart of the law clear to His people. Not a check list to be served, but a standard rooted in loving God the Father and those He created.

His teaching of the law was an accurate presentation of what it means to love your neighbor. Don’t even think or say anything bad about them, because this is tantamount to murder. Lustful thoughts equivalent to adultery. And when it comes to loving God, stealing His glory is not acceptable in matters of giving, praying, forgiveness, fasting, and building up treasure.

Jesus made it clear there’s no room for judging others, unless you’ve dealt with your own sin first. Then our experience with grace will help us to confront a brother or sister in Christ with the same grace, rather than judgment.

Being God incarnate, the Word made flesh, He is the only One who can rightly interpret the law with authority. He is the One who defines right from wrong.

My role is to accept Him as the final authority on the Word. Trust His Spirit to guide me into what’s right, what’s wrong, how to live out the law, and NOT try to figure it out on my own.


Readings for Week 49: December 9-14, 2017

Matthew 12:33-13:17

Matthew 13:18-58

Matthew 14

Matthew 15

Matthew 16:1-17:13

Click here for a PDF of the full daily readings for 2017.